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Promarker Skin Tones 2 Dual Tip – 6 Shades


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Highlight, contour and shade to create beautifully realistic skin colours and portraits with the Promarker Skin Tones 2 set. The colours included in this set have been carefully chosen to complement each other and to broaden any illustrator’s palette. This set includes. Burnt Sienna: with the richness and depth to build darker skin tones and create shading in medium ones. Cinnamon: one of the lighter shades of the earthy colour spectrum, with hints of red and brown. Tan: the pinkest shade in the brown spectrum of colours, it blends effortlessly into cinnamon tones. Blush: delicate with a hint of warmth, and strong enough to convey depth in light, peachy tones. Dusky Pink: has a subtly pink tone that is almost chalky in effect, and is closer to tan than pink. Spice: warm and rustic, it adds depth and intensity for lively hair colour and reflections.

Set Contents –

  • Contains 6 x Promarkers:-
    • Burnt Sienna
    • Cinnamon
    • Tan
    • Blush
    • Dusky Pink
    • Spice

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